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Embedded system design Coimbatore

An Embedded system design is a specific hardware unit designed to handle and/or control and/or monitor the particular dedicated task by running a conceptual software program on it, in a simple manner dedicated software program embedded in dedicated hardware is called an embedded system.

Here embedded hardware most often we are using microcontrollers (microprocessor + memory+ input/output peripherals ) and nowadays we are using C(superstar of embedded programming) & Python(new star of embedded programming(& many programming languages under usage ) as a software. 

Electronic brains (microcontrollers/microprocessors) designed to handle a particular task or to provide a specific solution by the computer programming is called embedded system. Embedded products most often designed by Microcontroller (uC)or Single board computers (SBC) sometime Microprocessor (uP).

Course Outcome

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  •  You’ll be expertise in
  • Problem statement analysis.
  • Components & material selection.
  • Design your effective solution for Real-world problems.
  • Smart Development
  • Modern technics testing & debugging
  • Design your own product for current industry needs.
  • Understand the process of the Embedded Industry.
  • Easy to Crack Embedded industry Jobs.
embedded system training


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